Twelve Step Sponsorship

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Twelve Step Sponsorship How It Works 288 Pp. Author: Hamilton B. Sponsorship Is A Rich And Enduring Part Of Tradition Of Alcoholics Anonymous. Twelve Step Sponsorship Delivers Both The Theory And Practice-How To Do It And Why-In A Clear, Step-By-Step Presentation. Written By The Author Of Getting Started In AA, A Widely Acclaimed Guide For The Newcomer To The Program Of AA, Twelve Step Sponsorship Is The First Truly Comprehensive Look At Sponsorship, A Role Recovering People Benefit From Both As Sponsees And Ultimately As Sponsors. Twelve Step Sponsorship Includes Informative Sections That Deal With: Finding A Sponsor Being A Sponsor & Twelve Step Sponsorship Offers A Welcome Reinforcement To The Tradition Of "Passing It On" From One Generation Of Sponsors To The Next.

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