The Four Agreements & Spiritual Principles

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The Four Agreements & Spiritual Principles

To kick off our first weekly blog, I am sharing a book that changed the way I view myself and others: The Four Agreements , by Don Miguel Ruiz . This book goes hand in hand with the spiritual principles we learn in recovery.


The first agreement is: Be impeccable with your word. It starts with honesty- not just with others, but most importantly with ourselves. We start taking inventory and see all the awful things we were doing, while living in addiction. We begin to learn from others what honesty looks like, and then we learn to talk kindly to the person in the mirror. We grow aware of the way we want to be treated and how to treat others. We learn that telling a lie makes us feel uneasy, as words begin to take on truth and compassion.

The second agreement: Don’t take anything personally. Hope is the second spiritual principle. You may wonder what the second agreement has to do with hope.  Hope is something we lost in addiction and we didn’t trust anyone when we were using. Everyone was out to get us and we were ready to defend ourselves at every turn, so we took everything personally.

When we start to gain some true recovery, we see the light a little more clearer, maybe even find some happiness. However, when the drama starts in the house we live in, or the meetings, we are right back to defending ourselves.

In frustration we begin to share about it in a meeting, and after an old timer comes up to us and says:  “What people think of you is none of your business.”  In my own experience, these words_ a little frustrating at the time _ helped me become untangled by others’ opinion of me, and that, my friends, was very liberating. I realized I don’t have to be the victim today, I can just walk away and choose peace.

We hope you will check out “The Four Agreements” available in our bookstore.

Next blog: Don’t Make Assumptions & Always Do Your Best ~ Blessings ~ C.L


  1. Lori Lori

    Loved the book and the article. The Four Agreements offer a simple way to live in wellness.

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